Company Name:
Arkipel Inc.

Year Founded:

Phone Number:
(02) 6214675 / (415) 7549079

Public or Private Company:

160 Unit-C Shaw Blvd. Bagong Silang
Mandaluyong City,Philippines


Arkipel is a start-up software engineering firm. Arkipel is creating the first Open Compute Project data center in the Philippines with the focus of provisioning and managing dedicated and virtual servers for external customers.

Arkipel is a software engineering firm located in Mandaluyong, Philippines. Arkipel is the first company in the Philippines to establish an Open Compute Project data center. With an emphasis on open source software technologies, Arkipel seeks to create a utility computing company providing on-demand compute infrastructure for its clients.

Company roots
Arkipel is a joint venture uniting the talents of a local entrepreneur/retired software engineer and an enterprise database architect/software engineer with a physics degree from the University of California, Berkeley. They are dedicated to the company motto, "21st Century Utility Computing" and envision a future where virtualized compute power and storage as a metered service become a generalized business model.

Arkipel is committed to contributing to both local and global economies in a responsible way.  Arkipel believes that its business practices must foster a positive and healthful work atmosphere not only in the office but in the local community.  Environmentally conscious and green practices are part and parcel of Arkipel's business ethic.  From the assembly of its servers to energy conservation, every step Arkipel takes is fueled by the understanding that both people and nature must be respected in order for a business to be truly successful.